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West Mercia Air Conditioning Limited has an experience, dedicated Service and Maintenance department.

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Whatever your business, the design team can provide a climate control solution to suit individual requirements at your premises.

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Optimise your work environment all year round with the latest energy-efficient heat pump air conditioning equipment. West Mercia Air Conditioning are climate control specialist and can provide comfort in your workplace no matter what the weather has to offer.

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 Trading since 1977 the continued growth of the business is due to its dedicated team, design expertise, quality of workmanship and a high level of service through directly employed and fully trained engineers. Professional, friendly, competitive and efficient service makes West Mercia Air Conditioning Limited the first choice for a wide range of clients looking for exceptional service and delivery from a national service provider. Offering expertise in all forms of installation, maintenance, and repairs of HVAC systems.



Hotels, retail stores, flats, and office buildings.


Our Climate control solutions include domestic/ residential.


Hospitals, schools, and government buildings.


Manufacturing plants and warehouses.

Food Service

Foodservice facilities such as restaurants and bakeries.

Our  in-house service and installation team handles commercial HVAC for businesses of all kinds